Monday, September 24, 2007


Another week, more groovy competitions... We have two new giveaways just started over at Memorable TV courtesy of Umbrella Entertainment, Gerry Anderson's cult classic UFO and 1960's spy comedy drama I-Spy with Bill Cosby and Robert Culp.

See UFO and

We also have two copies of season of House to giveaway thanks to Universal, get the full details here

Check out our latest dvd reviess, including Clint Eastwood's Breezy, the fabulous David Williamson collection and more at DVD Reviews.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


You Can't Fire Me - I'm Famous, the dread Piers Morgan with a show of his own... Manchester United Football DVD Annual... Great new line ip of BBC comedy shows including Lead Ballon and Jennifer Saunders for this October... Series 5-8 of Bad Girls deluxe box set... Transformers 2 disc set for December...

Full details here.


Season three of House is just release today...

House manages to survive and much of the season is actually concerned with houses reputation as a doctor but he does find time amongst all his personal problems to deal with patients such as a man weighing 600lbs, an autistic boy, a chess prodigy and a musical savant (played by Dave Matthews).

Get the full review at House Season Three DVD Review


1 October sees the release by Network of season one of Robin's Nest, with its very groovy theme tune composed by Richard O'Sullivan himself, this is a slightly more mature series, with a more adult Robin "living in sin" with his girlfriend Vicky (Tessa Wyatt);

With funding from Tessa's brusque father James (Tony Britton) Robin opens up his own restaurant, the Robin's Nest of the title. The real highlight though is one armed washer upper Albert Riddle (played with great skill by the brilliant David Kelly)

Full story Here


One of the most idiosyncratic tecs on the box has just had his fifth season released on DVD by Universal. To celebrate we have three copies of the box set to give away.

Visit Monk comp page for full details.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Madman - 7 November
Our favorite pizza delivery boys are back. Bigger, fatter and cheesier than ever! Spurred by the comic and creative genius of Paul Fenech, Pizza is a great Australian success story. Originally conceived as a series of short films, Pizza has achieved cult status!!
Season five feaures 8 episodes.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Another delightful release from the ABC culinary meisters, it’s Spring, and Cook Maggie Beer and Chef Simon Bryant are out visiting the local producers whose crops are ready for the table. Back in the kitchen they transform these spring ingredients into dishes that anyone can make with the help of the cooking secrets Maggie and Simon so generously share.

Full details Cook and the Chef - Spring


Long time favourite of Australians everywhere and hosted by the legendary Peter (Old Mother Riley) Cundell, Gardening Australia is a television staple that really knows it stuff when it comes to all things back garden. Recent DVD releases from Roadshow of the show have included techniques on developing a permaculture garden and creating a cottage garden. This time out, given the parlous state of Australia's dwindling water supply, the team teach us all how to be water wise.

Full details Gardening Australia Water Wise



If anyone was surely born to be an afro samurai then the kick ass, take no crap Samuel L Jackson is that man and this gruesomely violent Tarantino flavoured anime pulls no punches in its tale of a man seeking (literally) Justice for the death of his father.

Full review Afro Samurai


Danny Bhoy has such a nicely relaxed style that you can't help but like him, softly spoken, this Scottish comedian is quickly finding himself very popular down under. This new release from Madman serves as a great souvenir of his tour around Australia last year.

Full review Danny Bhoy Live at the Sydney Opera House


We love The Venture, a very cool slice of cartoon send up from the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim strand. Sedning up shows like Johnny Quest this adults only show follows Hank and Dean Venture, the sons of inventor Dr Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture. The boys manage to find adventure at every turn and usually have to be helped out by Brock Sampson, Dr Venture's aide de camp.
Full Review Venture Bros Season One


Often considered something of a poseur by his surrealist contemporaries in the 1920's Cocteau's legacy has managed to outlast them all; His film making was wildly eclectic, everything from features to documentaries, from directing to writing scripts to acting Cocteau liked to try it all; Away from the cameras there was an equal amount of eclecticism, novelist, poet, graphic artist and at one time manager of boxing legend Al Brown.
Full Review Jean Cocteau


Sealab 2021 is a sure fire classic, hilarious and great fun. A send up of the 1972 show Sealab 2020 by Adam Reed and Matt Thompson who are clearly very familiar with the original series. In the far off future of 2021 Captain Murphy is in charge of the underwater research station Sealab and along with his crew Marco, Debbie, Stormy, Doctor Quinn and Dolphin Boy (sounds like an early line up of Adam and the Ants) manages to get involved with aliens, giant squids or starting a pirate radio station!

Full review Sealab 2021 Season One


Warner Home Video release the first season of Party Animals on 15 October 2007. The two disc set is rated 15 and featured all 8 episodes from the first season.

Party Animals shows the new face of British politics, following the political power brokers of tomorrow as they work hard and play even harder. It may tackle big political themes, but with style and wit. You don’t need an interest in politics to enjoy the series. It’s a workplace like many others, but with its own special brand of office gossip and competition.

Memorable TV

Yummy Mummies

Nigella Lawson and Myleene Klass have been voted as 2007’s Yummiest Mummies, in a survey by children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent to mark the fourth National Yummy Mummy Week (15-23 September). The two women jointly topped the poll, which saw Victoria Beckham - last year’s winner - knocked off the top slot into ninth position, behind her former band mate - Emma Bunton - who entered the poll this year at number eight.

The survey of over 1,000 people found Nigella, who has two children and who was runner up in last year’s poll to Victoria Beckham, and new mum Myleene, who gave birth in August, were considered the yummiest celebrity mums both garnering 18% of the vote. Angelina Jolie (15%), Kate Winslet (14%) and Davina McCall (10%) came in third, fourth and fifth places respectively (full top ten below).

At the other end of the spectrum, almost half of the nation has shown that Britney Spears can beat off all the competition to win the Slummy Mummy of the year title (49%). The mum of two was voted the most scruffy, unkempt and un-yummiest mummy of all. Runner up in this category was Kerry Katona who scooped 24% of the vote.

The Dishy Daddy of the year, last year won by David Beckham, was voted as Brad Pitt by a third of the population (33%). Brad has quickly grown a large family, becoming father to four children with Angelina Jolie. Ewan McGregor was second, beating last year’s winner David Beckham into third place, with Phillip Schofield and Jude Law in fourth and fifth position (19%, 15%, 8% and 8% respectively). A perhaps surprising new entry into the poll this year was Gordon Brown, who came in at number nine, beating TV’s Richard Madeley.

The survey was carried out by children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent to mark National Yummy Mummy Week (15-23 Sept), which celebrates real life mums.

Top Ten Yummy Mummy 2007 Survey Results

1 Nigella Lawson & Myleene Klass (18% each)

2 -

3 Angelina Jolie (15%)

4 Kate Winslet (14%)

5 Davina McCall (10%)

6 Fern Britton (9%)

7 Katie Price (6%)

8 Emma Bunton (5%)

9 Victoria Beckham (4%)

10 Kerry Katona (1%)

· Top Five Slummy Mummy

1.Britney Spears

2.Kerry Katona

3.Katie Price

4.Sarah Ferguson

5. Victoria Beckham

· Top Five Tummy Mummy

1. Myleene Klass (35%)

2. Davina McCall (13%)

3. Kate Winslet (8%)

4. Angelina Jolie (8%)

5. Elizabeth Hurley (7%)

· Top Five Money Mummy

Victoria Beckham (74%)
Daniella Westbrook (7%)
Madonna (5%)
Katie Price (5%)
Elizabeth Hurley (3%)

· Top Ten Dishy Daddy

1. Brad Pitt (33%)

2. Ewan McGregor (19%)

3. David Beckham (15%)

4. Phillip Schofield (8%)

5. Jude Law (8%)

6. Tom Cruise (6%)

7. Jamie Oliver (5%)

8. Jonathan Ross (3%)

9. Gordon Brown (2%)

10. Richard Madeley (1%)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The UKTV Archive

Some big news this week is the arrival of our new sister site The UK TV Archive - all the latest TV news will be featured here as will eventually all our info on UK TV Shows.

Lots of new reviews have been added at DVD Reviews and we have two new competitions going live today.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


We have just uploaded 8 new giveaways!

Classic comedy with Rising Damp and Auf Wiedersehen Pet as well as scary flicks The Reaping and Number 23.

Full details at Memorable TV Competitions

New reviews just posted include Torchwood and Elizabeth R to name just two. Full details at Memorable TV DVD Reviews

Monday, September 3, 2007


Two new comps now live, the second season of forensic drama Bones and the third season of scifi show Stargate Atlantis.

Memorable TV for full details.