Friday, February 1, 2008


Directed by Ridley Scott and starring two cinema giants in the shape of Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington, American Gangster comes to Region 2 DVD on 10 March 2008 in a specially extended by 17 minutes version that comes in a two disc and single disc version.

American Gangster tells the epic and true story of notorious drugs’ lord Frank Lucas. Starting out as a humble chauffeur, Frank Lucas is a man with a mission. Rising from quiet apprentice to mentor Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, a gangster who runs much of Harlem, to become the richest of businessmen Lucas has a steely work ethic, intelligent determination and a deadly, ruthless streak. Following Bumpy’s death, he seizes the opportunity to build his own base of power and wealth. Hitting on a heroin importation scheme stretching from New York to war-torn Vietnam, Lucas personally travels to South-East Asia. With the help of his cousin, an Army Senior NCO, he successfully negotiates a deal with a Thai general. So begins the importation of “pure heroin, “a product that’s better than the competition at a price that’s lower than the competition”.

Federal investigator Richie Roberts works on the other side of the law. Incorruptible, dedicated and shunned by his department after he turns in nearly $1 million in unmarked bills, Roberts is a rare being in 1970s New York, an honest cop. An outsider who operates by his own rules and has a work ethic which mirrors that of Lucas, Roberts is tasked to investigate and stop drug trafficking in New York City. When Lucas abandons his deliberate conservatism for one fateful night, Roberts’ watchful eye takes in that he not only mixes with but appears more powerful than the highest level criminals. As Roberts’ attention focuses and his grip tightens on his worthy adversary, it’s only a matter of time before predator catches up with prey…

American Gangster is a captivating, ultra-slick and well-crafted insight into the true story of one of America’s most powerful men and the man set on bringing him down.

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