Monday, July 14, 2008

DAILY NEWS 14/07/08

CSI Miami Season 5 Part 2 On DVD From 8 September
The pace hots up as the barometer reaches boiling point in the climactic episodes of CSI: Miami, Season 5 as the final episodes are released on DVD by Momentum Pictures on 8 September. CSI Miami is the second most watched drama around the globe, only runner-up to the original series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Susan Sarandon And Burt Lancaster: Atlantic City
Winner of two BAFTAs and nominated for five Academy Awards™, Network has announced the release of Louis Malle’s poignant but strangely sweet tale of a decaying city and the dreams of the deviant characters that reside within its walls with the release of Atlantic City (15), out to buy on DVD on 4th August 2008

Peter Owen Publishers release 'Godfather of the Revolution' on July 14th, 2008, Bastille Day in France. This is the first English-language biography of arch-anglophile Phillipe Egalité to be published for many years. While there are hundreds of books on Louis XVI, Marie Antionette et al, the crucial role of the Duc Orléans - the man who actually funded the French Revolution - has been inexplicably overlooked.

Criminally overlooked in the years since its initial theatrical release, the first big budget movie from controversial director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant; The Driller Killer), KING OF NEW YORK is set to re-establish itself as a gangster genre classic on a par with the likes of Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather this September when it is released as a two-disc Special Edition steelbook DVD, boasting fully remastered image and audio, plus a definitive audio commentary by Ferrara.

Cool Hand Luke, the searing prison drama starring Paul Newman in one of his quintessential roles as a defiant chain-gang convict suffering a "failure to communicate," will be released as a Deluxe Edition in both Standard Definition and Blu-ray(TM) Hi-Def on September 15 2008 from Warner Home Video. Newly remastered, the film boasts all-new featurettes, including "The Making of Cool Hand Luke," a profile of novelist, co-screenwriter and the real "Cool Hand Luke" Donn Pearce.