Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cristela: Is this the end of the line for the ABC sitcom

We have no word yet on whether sitcom Cristela will get a second season or not but things are not looking overly positive as far as series star and creator Cristela Alonso is concerned. The actress/comedienne posted on her blog on Saturday saying she was worried about the future of the show.

Hi!  It’s April 17, 2015 and I find myself sitting in the middle seat of a full Southwest flight on my way to Nashville.  Tonight at 8:30/7:30 PM, ABC will show the season (and possibly series) finale of a sitcom that I put my heart and soul into. 
I want to be realistic and honest about things.  I’m not sure if the show is coming back. It worries me and not because I want to be on TV more. It worries me because I think this show gives a voice to people that haven’t been given a voice before.
Cristela isn’t a flashy show. It’s not a slick single-cam that looks like it’s a movie shot on a weekly basis, it doesn’t have voiceovers telling you thoughts the characters are currently having and it certainly doesn’t use crass and edgy things to tell its stories.  That was my choice to not do any of those things.  I wanted to take a harder path, a path that really isn’t taken on TV anymore.  I wanted to make a TV show like the kind I grew up with, the kind that looked like a play, the kind that made the live studio audience we tape in front of, just as important as the cast because they are as important.
One of the big problems the show has faced is that ABC have basically just left it to it's own devices and these days in such a crowded atmosphere it is harder than ever to be found. Our opinion is that it probably deserves a second season.