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Laurel and Hardy in Bonnie Scotland (1935)

Laurel and Hardy travel to Scotland (aka the MGM backlot) in 1935 comedy Bonnie Scotland.
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Carry On Cabby (1963)

Before the arrival of Barbara Windsor in next years Carry On Spying, Amanda Barrie was the glamour girl of the series. Here she takes centre stage on the illustrated poster for mini-cab romp Carry On Cabby. She played one of the female "Glamour Cab” drivers.

Carry On Spying (1964)

Classic Carry On Shenanigans from the golden era of the series. Barbara Windsors debut. Kenneth Williams trying to look mysterious, despite the bendy gun. This one taps into all things James Bond.

Peggy Cummins

Peggy Cummins

Separate WaysElvis PresleyRCA Camden Records/USA (1973)

Separate Ways Elvis Presley RCA Camden Records/USA (1973)

Rita Hayworth photographed in her pool, c. 1945

Rita Hayworth photographed in her pool, c. 1945