Monday, December 17, 2007


Lark Rise to Candleford which begins soon on BBC1 is a star studded adaptation (Julia Sawalha, Dawn French, Ben Miles) adaptation of Flora Thompson's trilogy, here we take a look at what is store in the first episode.

When a new baby arrives in the Timmins family, Laura, the eldest, is forced to leave the family home and embark on a new life.

Having spent her early years in the small hamlet of Lark Rise, in late 19th Century Oxfordshire, Laura finds herself working in the Post Office, the hub of the bustling market town of Candleford, under the watchful eye of the woman who is to become her mentor, the effervescent Dorcas Lane.

Just as Laura leaves behind her family and friends in Lark Rise and is beginning to enjoy the delights of Candleford, the two communities are thrown into conflict over Post Office regulations. The poor people from the hamlet take on the well-to-do folks of the town and Laura finds herself caught in the middle.

Why should the poor folks of Lark Rise pay three-and-six for the delivery of a telegram when the "counter-jumpers" from Candleford pay nothing?

Dorcas finds herself enforcing Post Office rules that her heart can't abide, and it requires her to be at her most mischievous to unravel the dilemma.

In doing so, Dorcas turns to her childhood friend Sir Timothy for aid. These two have some history, the kind that just won't go away. Sir Timothy's wife Adelaide , a city girl who has never quite settled in these parts, finds herself caught up in a love story that is far from over.

Back in Lark Rise, Laura's old neighbour, Caroline Arless is all-too-eager to succumb to a travelling brewery salesman's offer of a barrel of beer on the never-never. And so begins a tangled tale that will lead Caroline to the brink of debtors' prison and beyond.