Sunday, December 16, 2007


Amazing hour long documentary Lose 30 Stone or Die airs on ITV1 on Tuesday 18 December 2007 @ 9:00pm and tells the story of a man who is so overweight that his own body is going to kill him within a year, and his painful struggle to reclaim his life. Thirty-six-year-old Colin weighs 48 stone and is a prisoner in his own home because his weight means he can’t even manage to walk more than a few steps.

He is in constant pain, has severe difficulty breathing during the night, needs someone to dress him each day and feels so low he has contemplated suicide.

Doctors have warned Colin that unless he loses weight, he will die. Lose 30 Stone or Die is a poignant and moving account of Colin’s battle to lose the pounds. In emotional scenes, Colin is seen as he prepares to undergo a series of major operations to reduce his stomach and drastically cut his weight.

Colin and his family talk candidly about the distress his weight problem has caused. His mum reveals how she has sold her house in a final effort to raise the money for Colin’s surgery.

The film also uncovers what lies behind Colin’s weight problem: a troubled family history. He says that he used to be very fit and healthy, but reveals how drug and alcohol problems in his early twenties sent his weight spiralling out of control.

He says: “People look at me and say, ‘he must be greedy and eat loads’, but I don’t. I am in constant pain with my back and my legs. I dream of coming through the operation. I want my life back.”