Thursday, November 15, 2007


The ABC Australia network have formally announced their plans, after a period of intense speculation, for a dedicated free to air children's tv channel, set to go to air in April 2008. Helped of course by the $82 million that the government have provisionally agreed to cough up, arn't elections wonderful things!

The channel will be known as ABC3, ABC Director of Television, Kim Dalton, speaking from the Screen Producers Association of Australia Conference on the Gold Coast, said ABC3, as the new channel will be known, will be a tremendous addition to the entertainment choices available to Australian families.

Planning is already underway at the ABC for the provision of ABC3, which will be a digital channel, available free to viewers who have a digital television or a digital set-top box.

Mr Dalton issued a caveat saying, “Provided the funds are approved by government soon after the election, we will be on air by April 2008.”