Sunday, November 11, 2007


With the festive season approaching we thought it would be a good idea over the next few weeks to take a look at some great titles you may have missed over the last few months. First up is the excellent action adventure series Primeval.

With its filmic sheen and some jaw dropping special effects Primeval looks quite fantastic, with storylines to match and a nice ensemble feel to the cast we have ourselves a great big slice of classic TV scifi.

Douglas Henshall heads the cast as evolutionary zooologist Nick Cutter who in an opening scene flashback has never got over the disappearance of his wife Helen (the gorgeous Juliet Aubrey) 8 years before. His team are called to the Forest of Dean to investigate some strange sightings that have been occuring in the area, also there is Hannah Spearitt, a zoo worker also drawn to the area, they soon discover that prehistoric creatures from the past and some amazing creatures from the future are stepping through holes in the fabric of time and threatening to bring chaos into the modern world, added to this is the discovery that Helen is alive and well and has been travelling around through these time holes.

Cutter's team have to not only try and stop these creatures causing havoc but also answer to a government agency led by Ben Miller and his assistant Lucy Brown.

It's big budget, full of crash bang wallop and brilliant fun, comparisons with a certain Timelord will no doubt be drawn but the roots of the series probably lay in the same teams Prehistoric Park and Walking With Dinosaurs taking the theme to its next logical step.

A second series has been commissioned and if its even half as good as this one its sure to be a blast.

extras include a lengthy behind the scenes making of doco.

Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Certificate: M | region 4 | 2 disc set
Extras: Yes

Douglas Henshall, Hannah Spearitt, Juliet Aubrey, Lucy Brown, Rogan Grant, Andrew Lee Potts, Ben Miller