Monday, November 5, 2007


The hugely entertaining history quiz returns for a new series with a brand new format. Presented by Tony Robinson, Codex is filmed at night in the British Museum, in the iconic Egyptian Gallery, and the show features some of the world's most amazing historical artefacts. Two teams of colleagues or friends must pit their wits and historical knowledge against each another in rounds based on objects covering 5,000 years of history, ranging from the Aztec Empire to the English Civil War - many of them introduced by a specialist curator - who reveals their historical and cultural significance.

Among the treasures featured are the Elgin Marbles, Oliver Cromwell's death mask, the Lewis Chessmen, Durer's Rhino, Thomas Becket's reliquary, the Vindolanda tablets and an Easter Island statue. In the first episode a team of politicians compete against a team of stewards to decipher the mysteries of the Mummy Mask of Sadjehuty; the Vindolanda Tablets; the Mosaic Mask of Tezcatlipoca; some Samurai Armour, and a Mummified Bull. Devised by and series edited by Justin Scroggie.

Channel 4 / Saturday 10 November @ 5.45pm