Saturday, November 3, 2007

THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES - Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane Part 2

It's the concluding part of this excellent two part story on Monday 12 Nov @ 5.00pm on BBC1 and Maria finds herself taken back in time by the alien Graske to a pier in 1964. There, she meets a young girl her own age called Sarah Jane Smith who, with her friend Andrea, is about to embark on a fateful adventure.

Taken by the Graske again, Maria is then reunited with the present-day Sarah Jane but, with them both trapped in limbo as part of the meddlesome

Trickster's plan to wreak chaos, they are helpless to stop the huge meteor which is about to crash into the Earth.

Alan, Maria's dad, is the only one able to remember Sarah Jane and Maria and faces a struggle to bring them back in time to save the world.

Jane Asher guest stars as Andrea in this episode which was written by Gareth Roberts.