Sunday, November 4, 2007


In episode seven of Billie Piper's raunchy drama series showing on ITV2 at the moment Belle's been booked by a couple for a foursome and Ben suggests he be her professional partner this one time. Belle is shocked - not only was he appalled by what she does for a living up until very recently, but what makes him think it's that easy to turn professional escort over night? Does he think she just opens her legs and moans?

Ben begs her to give him a chance - he puts himself through Belle's 'interview' test and finally she agrees to give him a go. Ben prepares for the big night and undergoes all the necessary preening and pampering. The couple, Liam and Kate, arrive giggly and nervous. Then the fun begins: Belle with Kate; Ben with Kate; Belle with Liam; then Kate and Liam find one another and start to make love all on their own.

Belle and Ben find themselves in an awkward tryst. Ben is desperate to cross the line with Belle, but will Belle take control of the situation? Kate and Liam are thrilled with how the evening went and thank Belle and Ben for reinvigorating their sex life. Belle is seamlessly charming, but Ben is struggling.

Alone once more Ben confides to Belle that he found the whole thing disconcerting and acknowledges that there is a lot more to what she does than he thought there was. He is struck by her ability to detach herself emotionally - he clearly hasn't. Alone with us Belle confides that sex with more than one person is a doddle for her - its one to one she can't handle.

ITV2 / Thursday 8 November @ 10:00pm