Monday, November 12, 2007


Having achieved almost mythic status with the genius of The Aunty Jack Show in the early seventies Grahame Bond, Rory O'Donahue et al were back in 1975 with a quartet of themed specials all designed to make ample use of the new colour TV sets that were sweeping the nation in the mid seventies.

This seldom seen since collection has now been released by the always excellent Roadshow.
Apart from the first of the four which is pretty much a live in concert special the team prove yet again that they are well ahead of their time with a collection of fake documentaries, mockumentaries if you will, to quote spinal tap. A style that was quite rare back in the day but is all the rage now with shows such as We Can Be Heroes and even The Office. Theres much fun to be had at the expensive of Wollongong, both the Farrelly Brothers and Norman Gunston are local boys and there is some great location footage of the city in its prime.

Great fun and still essential.

Distributor: Roadshow Home Entertainment
Certificate: PG | region 4
Available to buy
Extras: No

Grahame Bond, Rory O Donahue, Garry McDonald