Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Blue Murder returns on 3 December and guest starring in the first episode is Kate Ford in her first appearance since leaving Coronation Street, we spoke to her recently about her role in the show.

Why did you choose Blue Murder as your first role after Coronation Street?
It was quite an attractive part for me to play as she is so different to Tracy. It was really nice to be working back at Granada.

What sort of person is Adele and how did you find playing a character that’s so different to Tracy?
Adele is very honest. What she says is the truth even though she’s been hiding a secret. She really cherishes her home-life and her children and she realises that she has everything she’s always wanted, whilst Tracy was always looking for something else.

How does she end up getting mixed up with Dwayne?
She’d just had her second child and wasn’t feeling especially attractive, so she started getting dressed up and going out flirting with guys. When she met him in the club she was really flattered and was drawn into his glamorous lifestyle, plus she wants to brag to her friends that she’s pulled a famous guy.

How does she feel about being drawn into the murder investigation?
She has a dark secret she has tried to brush under the carpet, so when the police come asking her questions she’s absolutely horrified. She’s convinced if the truth comes out it will be the end of her marriage.

How did you find working with Thomas Craig again (who played Tommy Harris in Coronation Street)?
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to work with him as we didn’t have any scenes together, but we got on brilliantly when he was in Coronation Street.

Can you tell us a more about the episode you appear in?
It’s a very different way of working to when I was on Coronation Street. We had more time to rehearse and shoot each scene. Some of the crew were the same too. I had the same make-up artist as on Coronation Street, which was really comforting in my first role after leaving ‘the street’.

What’s next for you after Blue Murder?
I’m looking to see what happens really, as I want to put some distance between me and Tracy before I take on another big role. It’s totally different being a working actress, which can be quite scary after being in full time employment. I’m enjoying myself though, and looking forward to seeing what happens in the future.