Monday, November 12, 2007


More britcom fun from Network as we take a look at the fifth and penultimate series of Man About the House, the situation is the same as before, two sexy girls (Paula Wilcox as Chrissy and Sally Thomsett as Jo) sharing a flat with a male chef (Richard O'Sullivan as Robin) - a very risque idea back in the seventies, added to the mixture is their landlords The Ropers (George and Mildred played by Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce) who lived downstairs. With a cast that appear to get on really well and a series of plotlines that revolve around misunderstandings and frustrated attempts by Robin to get off with Chrissy Man About the House is one of the better ITV sitcoms of the 1970's.

By now the formula is well set and screen time is devoted pretty much equally between the youngsters and the Ropers with George at least once in every episode trying to con the trio into something dodgy (especially when his friend Jerry, played by the brilliant Roy Kinnear, gets involved). The series never
ventured far outside the confines of the studio but always attracted quality guest stars most notably here in the shape of Peter Jones in the stand out episode on the 6 episode single disc collection, A Little Knowledge which sees Robin working as an encyclopedia salesmen to try and earn some cash. By this stage Doug Fisher has become a regular character as Robin's cocky mate Larry (he has moved into the tiny attic room at the top of the house) and is always good value with his talk of birds, booze and football.

We always enjoy Man About the House here at Memorable TV and not just for our not so secret thing for the fantastic Paula Wilcox that we have; Definitely a recommended purchase despite the lack of extras.

Distributor: Network DVD

Certificate: PG | Region: 2 | 150 minutes

Extras: No

Richard O'Sullivan, Paula Wilcox, Saly Thomsett, Yootha Joyce, Brian Murphy, Doug Fisher,