Sunday, November 11, 2007


This excellent drama documentary continues on the ABC Network on Sunday, 11 November 2007 @ 7.30pm, this week Cook continues his relentless pursuit of a Great Southern Continent, putting fable and mystery to rest. Despite his great skills sailing and navigating across the world, Endeavour runs aground and is nearly lost. As a patched up Endeavour crawls its way north again, Cook commits the most controversial act of the voyage: he claims the entire east coast of New Holland for Britain, without permission from local inhabitants. To this day, Cook's claim is still not accepted by Aboriginal people.

Stopping for emergency repairs in Batavia, infected water turns Endeavour into a death ship. Until now Cook has not lost a man, but by the Cape of Good Hope, Cook has lost over a third of his crew.

Back in London, enduring trials of life are also taking their toll on the Cook family. In his absence, Cook's wife Elizabeth must bury a second child. Cook's maps confirm his brilliance. He is promoted to Commander to lead a new voyage that will add an incredible third of the world to the map. It makes him a great British hero but the massive responsibility is taking its toll. He is losing control; only his obsession with discovery drives him on.

Starring Matt Young as Captain James Cook. Bridget Bezanson as Elizabeth Cook. Jay Dawson as Joseph Banks. Andrew Hunt as Dr Solander. Daniel Jameison as Sydney Parkinson. Pulou Vaituutuu as Tupaia.