Monday, November 12, 2007


Frank Out.

Tom Bell is just one of those actors with an amazing screen prescence, very much at home playing the hard man and pretty much tailor made for the role of Frank Ross. The plot sees Frank Ross (played by Bell) coming out of prison after serving 8 years for a bank robbery that went wrong, with his marriage in
tatters (his wife has had a major breakdown and his teenage son is something of a delinquent) Ross is determined to get his revenge on the ones who grassed him to the law.

Opening with a great sequence of Ross coming to terms with actually being out and feeling alienated by the fast moving crowds around him.

The 6 part serial, here in a nice two disc set, was a big ratings hit and also won a Bafta award. Written by Trevor Preston, Out was a Thames-Euston production and has that classic shot on location feel and is quite similar in tone to Preston's equally excellent series Fox. Although the series belongs to Bell
(he dominates proceedings in much the same way as Michael Caine does in Get Carter) the supporting cast is quite superb, including as it does a young Brian Cox, Bryan Marshall and Derrick O'Connor.

It's strong stuff but Out stands up to anything made today and is definitely a Memorable TV recommended purchase.

Audio commentaries on the first and last episodes with writer Trevor Preston, director Jim Goddard and producer Barry Hanson and all six of Trevor Preston’s scripts in PDF format. The series also definitely looks as good as it did on its original broadcast one of the hallmarks of Out was its clever filming techniques and exceptional lighting so its good to see it looking pristine.

Distributor: Network DVD

Certificate: 12 | Region: 2 | 2 disc set | 300 minutes

Extras: Yes


Tom Bell, Derrick O'Connor, Brian Croucher, Lynne Farleigh, Bryan Marshall