Sunday, November 11, 2007


Maybe its because we are turning into one ourselves but we do find this show funny, airing on the ABC Network Tuesdays @ 8.00pm, this week Eveywhere You Look is a treat.

As Don Warrington say "What I hate is people who beep you when you're driving. You stop somewhere, and presumably you've stopped there for a reason. You're not on holiday, you're not relaxing, it's not the beach, you're trying to get somewhere. Obviously you can't get there because something's in the way. But some dick behind you thinks 'No, he's just hanging around.' "

35-to-54-year-olds are the grumpiest group of people in Britain today. Grumpier than their parents, who survived the war. Grumpier than their children, who just want to do drugs and surf the internet. Just when you thought they were finished, the Grumpy Old Men are back again to complain about modern life.

Sir Tim Rice, Will Self, Rick Wakeman, Nigel Havers, Rory McGrath, Tony Slattery, John O'Farrell, Sir Gerry Robinson, Arthur Smith, John Stapleton, Des Lynam, Don Warrington and Peter York air their very grumpy views about mobile phones, modern music, Hollywood films, bottled water, Bluetooth, Blackberries, DVDs and advertising - among other things. No stone is left unturned.

In episode two filling up the car, a trip to the supermarket, traffic wardens, pedestrians, drivers, motorcyclists, even consulting the street directory are grist to the mill for the Grumpy Old Men. Not to mention Bono wearing sunglasses inside and the mindless chit chat between newsreaders and buskers on the Tube.

Hilariously funny and frighteningly accurate, the third series of Grumpy Old Men is just as entertaining as its predecessors.