Sunday, November 11, 2007


It's such a shame that this series hasn't lived up to the hype, a promising scenario but nowhere near enough laughs for a comedy, even Bob Franklin seems off form. In fact there's not a believable or likeable character in it. In the episode broadcast on the ABC Wednesday, 14 November 2007 @ 9.30pm Frances (Robyn Butler) is on a diet in preparation for Book Week and as a result is even more stressed and anxious than usual.

Christine's (Roz Hammond) slimy lawyer Piero (Grant Piro) puts pressure on her to get Frances to testify in her favour if there is any chance of an acquittal. Christine knows Frances will refuse and must find a way to win her over.

Christine realises how important Book Week and the Premier's visit is to Frances and takes advantage of her vulnerability by offering some beauty tips. Frances relaxes and for a moment, enjoys Christine's company, a distant memory of their school days.

The pleasantness doesn't last long. When Christine inadvertently steals the Book Week limelight, Frances is once again filled with loathing.