Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ultimate Force star Christopher Fox is join the regulars at Sun Hill as Detective Sergeant Max Carter and his entry into the fray could be more explosive, in a two part action special Sun Hill finds itself under seige from masked gunmen.

Having evacuated the station, most of Sun Hill are forced to watch from the outside with Sergeant Nikki Wright (Gillian Taylforth) and PC Sally Armstrong (Ali Bastian) being held on the inside. Unable to meet the hostage takers outrageous demands, Superintendent Heaton (Daniel Flynn) finds himself in a standoff but he has a way out. Unbeknown to the gunmen, DC Terry Perkins (Bruce Byron) is on the inside. Will he risk his life to save the day?

Whilst previously working in the firearms division of C019, Carter gained a reputation for being able to make emotionless decisions in an instant. He only ever pulled the trigger twice and is responsible for two deaths.

Returning to CID, Carter hits it off with his colleagues on his first day, and although he is described by most who meet him as ruthless and almost unemotional, he is also man whose greatest strength lies in his mental toughness.

Christopher said, “I’ve been watching The Bill on and off since I was ten years old and now to be acting in it as one of Sun Hill’s finest is quite surreal. To follow in the footsteps of Tony Scannell, Kevin Lloyd and Mark Wingett makes me immensely proud”

The Bill is on ITV1 evry Wednesday and Thursday @ 8.00pm