Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hosted by the ebullient host, James O'Loghlin, The New Inventors highlights the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship and social enterprise and illustrates how the nation is far from sedentary when it comes to pioneering new ideas.
In the episode airing Wednesday, 14 November 2007 @ 8.00pm on the ABC James is joined by engineer James Bradfield Moody, science journalist Bernie Hobbs and materials engineer Veena Sahajwalla.

Inventions featured on the program:

Invention 1 - LiceSuk by inventor Janina Tregambe from SA.
LiceSuk is a vacuum hose attachment with a nit comb attached to the front which provides a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way for the speedy removal of lice from the head providing instant relief for children from head lice. Removing the need for chemicals, it literally sucks the lice off your head!

Invention 2 - Quantum Lift by inventors David Catford and Dirk Plug from SA.
The Quantum Lift is an inexpensive hay and equipment-moving trailer which can be towed behind an ordinary vehicle. It uses the energy of the towing vehicle to hoist the load into place, so requires no winching. It is designed to transport large square bales, but can also be adapted to carry other loads such as drums and other equipment.

Invention 3 - The Cable Koala by inventor Graham Gillam from NSW.
The Cable Koala is a simple tool. When threaded onto a nylon strap with a ratchet, it allows you to run your heaviest power or communication cables at a sensible height, and from any kind of tall asset you have at your disposal - be that a tree, a pole, a column: anything you can get your strap around. It won't damage the pole, and it won't pull the strap from the asset, reducing its holding power!