Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Christina Cole loved the sexy, sassy look of her character, Mel, in Sold so much that she bought the costumes.

Christina explains: “Mel’s look is very sexy and sassy. Naturally I was daunted at first because the clothes Mel has to wear are so figure hugging and I had to get used to tottering around in high heels. I’ve played roles in the past where I’ve had to wear a corset, but these clothes left nothing to the imagination.

“I usually buy my clothes from high street shops, but I fell in love with some of the designer pieces. I couldn’t resist buying a few outfits once filming had finished to fill up my wardrobe at home.”

Christina believes Mel’s clothes say a lot about her character: “They are almost like a military uniform for her - she dresses the way she does because it gives her a greater presence in the work place. The clothes sum up her sexual femininity and ruthless attitude to selling houses.”

In her next role Christina will be swapping her sexy look for corsets and bonnets to play Caroline Bingley in the new ITV drama Lost in Austen.

“Lost in Austen is about a girl obsessed with Jane Austen who swaps places with Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice. I really enjoyed the script - there’s a lot more to the character Caroline Bingley than in any other Pride and Prejudice. She’s more fun and incredibly naughty.”

In Sold, Christina plays Mel, a ruthless estate agent determined to outdo the men in her office in any way she can.

“Mel is a hard-faced bitch. At least, that is how she portrays herself. In a predominately male environment she prides herself on being as ruthless as the men around her. She is very sexy and thrives on the attention she gets from the men, using it to her advantage to steal their sales.”

Christina, who is no stranger to playing sexy characters having starred alongside Daniel Craig in Casino Royale as a sexy receptionist, explains she accepted the role because of Mel’s fearlessness.

“I love the fact that she is so bold, sexy and ruthless. I had to try to bring out a compelling charm and sexuality that could woo the boys, and potential buyers, in a way I would never do as it’s far too scary. She is fearless and you have to admire that.

“You can see her fearlessness in the way she toys with her manager Matt, played by Kris Marshall. He has an obvious attraction towards her and she uses that to undermine him. Mel is perceptive. She understands Matt is quite stupid and only about ‘the job’. His tunnel vision means he doesn’t realise that she is using him until it’s too late.”

During the series Mel feels a growing attraction to Danny, played by Bryan Dick. Danny is not her usual type but she can’t help being intrigued by him.

“Mel’s ideal man is someone with money who can offer her a good quality life and all the material things that go with it. Early in the series, she has her heart broken by a client she thinks is ‘the one’. She puts her barriers up again and doesn’t expect another relationship to come along.

“When she first meets Danny she thinks he is a bit tragic - he owns one suit and just seems far too nice. I think he begins to intrigue her because he seems impervious to her charms. Even though Mel tries to be emotionally detached, Danny breaks down those walls and starts to chip away at who Mel really is. He does this in a way no other man has done before.

“They make a lot of mistakes along the way in their relationship, but I don’t think there are any closed doors as to what might happen.”

Christina has just moved into a new home in London and has been busy decorating. So, is this Christina’s first step to creating her idea of the perfect home?

“Decoration is part of making a home your own. When you walk into a house you get a sense of whether it’s going to be the one for you, but when you arrive it’s about making your own choices. Atmosphere is important. I love having candles around the house, my personal belongings on show, and pictures of my family. Home is where the heart is.”

Christina Cole can also be seen next year in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and Lost in Austen.

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