Sunday, October 7, 2007


One of Australia's best remembered sitcoms, Hey Dad at last gets the DVD treatment with 13 episodes from across the show. Created by Gary Reilly who had previously hit big with Kingswood Country this time featured a widowed father bringing up his three young children. While this is pretty much standard American sitcom fare we hadn't really seen the situation domestically overly.

Robert Hughes plays Martin Kelly who is running his architects business from home and trying to juggle that with the demands of three growing kids Simon (Christopher Mayer), Debbie (Simone Buchanan) and Jenny (Sarah Monahan), in typical sitcom fashion though help is at hand in the shape of Betty (Julie McGregor), a relative of Martin's wife who not only helps around the house but also helps Martin with his business too. One other mainstay of the series is Simon's best mate Nudge (Christopher Truswell) who ended up becoming the real star of the show, a typical teenager Nudge spends most of his time eating the Kelly's out of house and home.

Whilst Hey Dad doesn't break any sitcom barriers, it is always fun to watch and all kudos to Shock for allowing us to reacquaint our selves with the series.

The episodes featured on the two disc set are
Trees Company | A Losing Battle | The Girl on the Cutting Room Floor | The Late Miss Kelly | A Question of Royalty | Generation Scrap | May the Farce Be With You | Three's A Crowd | For The Love of Martin | Kissing Cousins | Betty's Better Letterhead | The Double Date | The Beat Goes Wrong

Distributor: Shock
Certificate: G | region 4 | 2 disc set
Extras: No

Robert Hughes, Julie McGregor, Christopher Mayer, Simone Buchanan, Sarah Monahan, Chris Truswell