Sunday, October 7, 2007


29 October 2007 / Network DVD

Quite frankly if you ask anyone in their 30's or older to name their favourite shows then The Sweeney is going to be right up there for most people. Starring John Thaw and Dennis Waterman as distinctly not by the book coppers working in the Flying Squad during the hard days of the 1970's this is TV entertainment at its best.

Network, who all TV fans should prostrate themselves on at least a weekly basis, have once again shown how it should be done with the forthcoming release of all 53 episodes of The Sweeney as well as the pilot film Regan and the two big screen outings Sweeney!(1977) and Sweeney 2(1979).

A truly groundbreaking series, where Z Cars had shown a side of the force that we hadn't seen before The Sweeney showed a side of the police that the Met very probably didn't want us to see. It's also been hugely inlfluential down the years too. Let's face the recent hit Life on Mars would not exist if it wasn't for the Sweeney.

This is another, along side their Prisoner box set, must have release and one of the contenders for box set of the year surely.