Sunday, October 7, 2007


BBC Two are airing this very sexy Showtime series at the moment, with episode going out on Friday October 12 @ 9.00pm. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a young and vibrant Henry VIII and the excellent cast also includes Sam Neill and Jeremy Northam.

In episode 2 Henry and his court arrive at the impressive Val D'Or in France, where The Field of the Cloth of Gold summit is to take place.

While the treaty is foremost in the minds of both Henry and his cousin, Francis I, it soon becomes impossible to miss the rivalry lurking just below the surface - despite the encouraging start. But, as their practical jokes and jibing escalate, will Henry let his temper ruin all their efforts.

On learning that Spain's King Charles V has been elected Holy Roman Emperor, and consequently that his wealth and dominions have vastly increased, Henry instructs Wolsey to begin making arrangements for an alliance that excludes the French - unaware that it may jeopardise the Cardinal's plan to be elected Pope.

As the Pope lies dying in Rome, and news that Henry plans to break the treaty with France reaches the Bishops, Wolsey watches helplessly as his hopes of becoming the new Pontiff fade away. Refreshed by the Cardinal's news from Spain, Henry begins making plans to reclaim France as part of his empire.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is King Henry VIII / Sam Neill is Cardinal Thomas Wolsey / Nick Dunning is Sir Thomas Boleyn / Steven Waddington is Buckingham / Jeremy Northam is Sir Thomas More / Henry Cavill is Charles Brandon.