Friday, October 19, 2007


More news on the second season of this Who spin off, Freema Agyeman will appear midway through the season for three episodes as Martha Jones, teaming up once more with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) to investigate some strange deaths in the heart of Cardiff.

Time has moved on a little since Martha journeyed with the doctor and she is now a fully qualified doctor herself and is able to use her medical skills and skills learnt with the Doctor to the Torchwood hub.

Pictured here as she steps into the Hub for the first time, a more grown up and worldly-wise Martha brings her medical knowledge and the expertise learnt during her travels with The Doctor to help Torchwood do battle against an alien threat. Martha will reappear in the TARDIS though duiring season four, although the extent of her role is not yet known.

Besides Freema the Torchwood producers have lined up quite a raft of high quality guest stars for the second season including Richard Briers as a sinister milionaire called Parker, also set to appear are Alan Dale and James Marsters (of Buffy).

Season two is set to debut on BBC-2 in the early part of 2008.