Friday, October 5, 2007


There's a great South Bank Show coming up Sunday 7 October @ 10.45pm celebrating the Mersey Sound, the book of poetry which shifted poetry from the dusty shelves of acadame into thousands of sitting rooms and onto thousands of stages. The poets involved, Roger McGough, Adrian Henri and Brian Patten have been speaking to us through poetry ever since.

The film paints a vivid picture of an extraordinary English city, Liverpool, and an extraordinary time when the Arts led the way in a cultural and social breakout which energized the Nation, changed the shape of behaviour for generations to come, and made life fun!

Forty years on, Roger McGough and Brian Patten (and the memory of Adrian Henri) give a special reading at the Queen Elizabeth Hall of The Mersey Sound.

They then re-visit their favourite haunts with a tour of “their” Liverpool, the Bohemian enclave that was Liverpool 8 in the ‘60s, now Toxteth. On stage at the Liverpool Everyman, Melvyn Bragg talks to Roger and Brian and discuss memories of Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, of Allan Ginsberg asleep in the bath – and, of course, the poetry that made their names, from The Mersey Sound to their writing for children.

Contributors include: Catherine Marcangeli – Art Historian & partner to the late-Adrian Henri; Mike McCartney – Musician, formerly a member off the Scaffold; Willie Russell – playwright; John Gorman – Musician, formerly a member off the Scaffold; Andy Roberts – Composer & Musician; Adrian Mitchell – Poet & Dramatist.

With some classic archive footage and music, this South Bank Show evokes the zest and irreverence of the sixties and the upcoming Summer Of Love. This was The Mersey Sound.