Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Alex (Stephen Mangan) has a lot to be thankful for. His health, for example. Growing up in Twickenham rather than, say, Baghdad. And the tiny sofa in his poky office, he's pretty thankful for that as he's been calling it home ever since he left his wife and children. Stuck in the middle of a painful divorce, Alex is clinging on to his job at successful talent agency TMA, run by his sex-obsessed, cocksure and roguish boss, Stephen (Anthony Head).

He's penniless, homeless and last week he burst into tears in Sainsbury's because for a second he imagined he saw his kids by the meat counter. Helen (Sharon Horgan) is coping really well with the after-effects of her own personal trauma. It's almost a year since her boyfriend dropped dead, just months before their wedding. But time has passed, she has a nice flat and, unlike Alex, she's successful at her job in the talent agency. She's getting her act together. She's just wishing she hadn't celebrated the anniversary of her fiance's death by sleeping with Alex.

Free Agents is a dark, poignant comedy, an on-but-mostly-off romance about a couple who might just have a future if they can ever shake off their pasts. Starring Stephen Mangan, Sharon Horgan, Anthony Head, Frances Tomelty and Nick Barber.

Channel 4 / Friday 9 November @ 10.30pm