Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Seasons two and three / reg 4 / out now
Based on the character created by Leslie Thomas this new release from Time Life stars Peter Davison as Detective Constable Dangerous Davies, a middle aged copper who only gets the cases nobody else wants. Season one had mostly been based on Thomas's original novels but season two and three are fresh stories.

This is a surprisingly good series that whilst obviously having to make changes to the Davies character to bring it up to date still manages to stay true to the flavour of Thomas’s original material, combining as it does, proper who-dunnit material and humorous moments.Especially worthy of note is the relationship between Davison’s Dangerous and Sean Hughes’s Mod who is Dangerous’s best friend, in the books Mod is a chubby middle aged Welshman whilst here he becomes a rake thin Irishman, obviously this doesn’t detract in any way from the series as most viewers won’t necessarily be aware of the source material.

Guest stars include the likes of Emma Amos (as Dangerous’s ex wife), Rob Spendlove, David Troughton, Joanne Froggatt, Ingrid Lacey, Sian Phillips, Stephen Tompkinson, Tony Slattery and Hugo Speer. More sedate than some of today's overly violent crime drama fare Dangerous Davies is a very welcome addition to the detective drama ranks.