Wednesday, October 3, 2007


FIVE DAYS is a brilliant HBO - BBC five part serial that is currently airing on HBO, te thriller follows the mysterious disappearance of a beautiful young mother and her two children in the family-friendly suburbs of Hertfordshire, outside of London. Focusing on the day of the woman’s vanishing and four random days that follow, the story traces the ripple effects when a family’s life-altering trauma becomes not only a complex police investigation, but ripe fodder for tabloid headlines.

Superb viewing and incredibly suspenseful Five Days stars Nikki Amuka-Bird, Hugh Bonneville, Charlie Creed-Miles, Phil Davis, Patrick Malahide, Janet McTeer, David Oyelowo, Sarah Smart, Penelope Wilton and Edward Woodward.

If you missed the first episode you can view it online at
Five Days Online