Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Network DVD are releasing the whole three seasons of Mind Your Language in a 4-disc set containing all 29 episodes complete and uncut.

Barry Evans (Doctor in the House) stars as hapless English teacher Mr. Jeremy Brown in this classic LWT sitcom. The series follows Mr Brown’s often frustrated attempts to teach English as a foreign language to a diverse class of adult students. MIND YOUR LANGUAGE features an energetic and likeable cast, which includes Zara Nutley (Never the Twain) as stern principal Miss. Courtney and Robert Lee (The Chinese Detective), Jamila Massey (EastEnders), Francoise Pascal (Eastenders) and Anna Bergman (Fanny & Alexander) are amongst the students.

Created by well established comedy writer Vince Powell (Bless This House, Love Thy Neighbour) and directed by Stuart Allen (On the Buses), MIND YOUR LANGUAGE was incredibly popular throughout its three series run and gained a huge worldwide following.

The show has languished in the vaults for years despite being on many peoples favourite shows list because of what has been deemed its stereotyped foreigners so hopefully this release will give everyone the opportunity to simply enjoy the humour of the show once more.