Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Waterloo Road continues with its third season, episode five sees a day of heartbreak at Waterloo Road with Donte is on the warpath after finding Chlo and Brett in bed together. Unable to find Brett, Donte takes out his frustrations in the school car park.

News of Chlo and Brett travels fast and Chlo is desperate to tell Mika about her and Brett before someone else does – but she's too late. Donte confronts Chlo and Mika and he reveals the awful truth. Chlo feels sick – what has she done? Mika and Donte hate her and her friends won't talk to her.

Donte pays Brett a visit and beats him up. Chlo finds Brett nursing his wounds and pleads with him not to report Donte to the police. Feeling isolated, Chlo returns home and packs her bags – life just can't get any worse.

Meanwhile, Jack takes Davina out for lunch. He's determined to "do the right thing" and confess about his one-night stand with Steph, but loses his nerve.

He can't tell Davina the truth; she means too much to him. Unfortunately for Jack, a misunderstanding in the staff room takes matters out of his hands and Davina finds out. Can Jack hold on to the true love of his life?

Tom returns home to find Mika in a distressed state and Chlo nowhere to be seen. It's soon clear Chlo has run away. Mika says she couldn't care less – as far as she's concerned it's good riddance.

Chlo, meanwhile, is in a café being "befriended" by Lucy, who is only too happy to look after Chlo in her hour of need...

Donte is played by Adam Thomas, Chlo by Katie Griffiths, Brett by Tom Payne, Mika by Lauren Drummond, Jack by Jason Merrells, Davina by Christine Tremarco, Steph by Denise Welch, Tom by Jason Done and Lucy by Emma Hartley-Miller, with Neil Morrissey as Eddie Lawson and Lauren Thomas as Aleesha.