Saturday, October 6, 2007


Season Two Episode One / BBC One Soon

One of the best series of last year returns to BBC1 for more tales of action and adventure in the woods of Sherwood. All of the cast are back with Jonas Armstrong as Robin and the gang have a brand new camp, things get off to a firey start when Knighton Hall is razed to the ground and Marion and her father are placed under arrest at the castle.

Things in the camp get edgy as the state of Nottingham gets worse, Allan A Dale becomes agitated. He wants more and a distracted Robin cannot reassure him. He's too busy preparing to rescue two girls and their pretty mother, Rose, as well as formulating a plan to help Marian ? so Allan goes AWOL, determined to make his own way in the world.

Allan's trickery lands him in the castle dungeons where he discovers that Rose is in reality the Sheriff's sister and that she has laid a trap for Robin.

The walls are closing in around the gang as the Sheriff has formulated a devastating new campaign "Shah Mat" conspiring with Prince John to overthrow King Richard. Only with the help of Marian and the outlaws can Robin defeat the Black Knights.

But, even when Robin and the outlaws escape with their lives, they are no longer safe, Allan has changed allegiance and agrees to spy for Gisborne. From now on, the heroes must rethink their strategy to take the Sheriff on at his own game.

Robin Hood is played by Jonas Armstrong / Marian by Lucy Griffiths / Allan A Dale by Joe Armstrong / Rose by Sara Stewart / The Sheriff of Nottingham
by Keith Allen / Sir Guy of Gisborne by Richard Armitage / Much by Sam Troughton and Will Scarlett by Harry Lloyd.