Tuesday, October 23, 2007


In honour of Countdown's 25th anniversary we bring you a collection of slightly interesting facts about the daytime quiz show.

With the words 'as the countdown to the launch of a new channel ends, a new Countdown begins', Richard Whiteley was the first person to appear on Channel 4 as it went to air on 2 November, 1982. The late Richard Whiteley presented Countdown for 23 years, from its launch in 1982 until 2005.

Carol Vorderman was the first woman to be seen on Channel 4, as she also made her debut on 2nd November 1982 as Countdown's resident statistician.

Since 1982, the Countdown clock music has played over 27,000 times

Countdown was voted Channel 4's Best Show of All Time by viewers in a 2003 poll published in the Radio Times.

Countdown was honoured in July 2004 with a House of Commons reception in recognition of the series' contribution to promoting literacy and numeracy.

James Squires was only eight years old when he became a Countdown winner and Bertha Bourne was 87 when she had her moment of glory in 1993.

Harvey Freeman was the ultimate Countdowner - undefeated after nineteen games.

Recordings were once delayed when an over-exuberant male member of the audience decided to perform a streak across the studio floor.

The lowest winning word ever scored is 3, By Lester Mark in 1999, and the lowest winning score is 21 points, achieved by Peter Hutchings, also in 1999.

One of the most extraordinary 9-letter words ever was myoglobin, a red protein which stores oxygen in muscle cells - which Scotsman Michael Calder got

in the first round of his series final - he went on to become champion.