Tuesday, October 30, 2007


From Monday 5 November 2007, weekdays @ 5.00pm

Chris Tarrant will be hosting his first daytime quiz show ,The Great Pretender. It's a test of general knowledge, but it’s also a battle of bluff and pretence.

The Great Pretender is a test of general knowledge, but it’s also a battle of bluffing, double bluffing, masking your own intelligence, discerning others’, and keeping up the great pretence.

In The Great Pretender one person will win the prize money before they’re even The Great Pretender is part quiz, part psychological face-off, a game of nerves where winning is only half the battle.

Six ordinary members of the public compete in each show, they all look trustworthy, but looks can be deceptive.

The question rounds start the show with correct answers gaining cash for the prize pot, but the contestants don’t know if they or the others have answered the question correctly, only the viewers will have the full picture.

At the end of the question rounds, Chris reveals to the players individually whether they are the winner or not. The winner then has to persuade the others that someone else has won. With paranoia raging and contestants searching for any little clue, it’s a huge challenge.

Each show climaxes with the players voting for the person they think has won. If correct, they share the prize pot and the winner leaves with nothing. But if they get it wrong, then winner takes all.

From the moment contestants start playing, they’d better start pretending…