Sunday, October 7, 2007


Released by Network / 29 October

Barry Foster as dutch detective Van Der Valk has become one of the most well remembered of all TV Tecs, a huge hit when it first appeared in the early seventies, especially with its super catchy theme tune, Eye Level, which became a top chart hit, VDV despite only running for five series across many years has stood the test of time. Network are releasing a briliant 11 disc box set of the entire series on the 29 October 2007.

Van Der Valk is head of the CID in Amsterdam, where he is teamed with Inspector Johnny Kroon (played by Michael Latimer) and their cases include all the usual suspects of murders, blackmail, missing persons and other dodgy crimes that come their way.

Unlike most detective Van has a happy home life with his loving wife Arlette, the character was created by Nicholas Freeling with much input from the utch police. It's a classic series and well worth having on DVD.