Sunday, October 7, 2007


BBC3 / Monday 8 October @ 9.30pm

The new sketch comedy show fronted by brother and sister team Adam and Shelley Longworth continues on BBC3, it's the usual mixture of surreal haracters and some truly inspired moments.

Key characters include Aussie scientists Brett and Shane, who test out an undisclosed smoking liquid, tequila style; Goth siblings Jake and Tilly, who terrorise

a "really old" woman on a bus and make her cry; Elsie, who takes her frustration out on a customer's bikini line; and the Toxic Twins, who go on a pub crawl, and take advantage of happy hour.

Elsewhere, Carlos tries to sell his sister to a blind man, rather than give him £1 for charity; Bruce and Lucky Lee "help" a woman whose nephew is drowning in a river by using their combination of rubbish magic and karaoke; bickering siblings Alex and Sadie tackle the world of bomb disposal; inappropriately close siblings The Amazing Brindizis check in to their hotel; and ageing ravers have a sing-song mash-up with the aid of a heart monitor and some illegal drugs.

Whilst never quite scaling the heights of perfectness reaches by some, there is enough of that slightly uncomfortable feeling given off to make you keep watching.