Saturday, October 6, 2007


Chris Lilley's new 8 part series Summer Height's High is superb and its on the ABC Network Wednedays @ 9.30pm. Following on from the superlative We Can Be Heroes, SHH is the same, if you will, mockumentary (kudos to Spinal Tap!), but set in the environs of a typical Australian High School. Ja'mie King from Heroes makes a welcome return here as an exchange student but new characters include Tongan troublemaker Jonah Takalua, a boy with problems thats for sure, one of which would seem to be an undisclosed case of tourettes. There is also Mr G, the drama teacher who believes he is a real star and spends of his lessons putting on shows for his class, starring himself of course.

Lilley has to be the funniest man working in Australian Television today, apart from Ugly Dave Gray of course, Heights is frequently hilarious and quite often foul mouthed, the cast drop the big F more times than the characters in a Scorcese flick (which of course makes it even more like a real High School).

Clearly going to one of the contenders for Show of the Year and not to be missed.