Wednesday, October 31, 2007

THE GREEN GREEN GRASS Season Three Episode Two

Hard to believe that this show is now in it's third season, it's like a throwback to the dark days of the mid 1980's, if it wasn't a spin off from the venerable Only Fools and Horses then it is doubtful this would have even got as far as episode three. The series returns 2 November but here we look ahead to episode 2 broadcasting 9 November on BBC1 @ 8.30pm.

For once, Boycie and Tyler are united in their desperation to avoid a visit to Marlene's mum, Dora, as John Sullivan's hit comedy continues. "I'd rather superglue my face to the table," complains Boycie, who knows that Dora can't stand him. Poor Tyler is also sick of his grandma treating him like a two-year-old.

But Marlene is insistent, as it's three years since she's seen her mum. So, while Boycie and Tyler reluctantly join her in the car for the drive to Bournemouth, they leave behind a moping Bryan and a worried Elgin, Jed and Mrs Cakeworthy.

It's the anniversary of his fourth engagement to Myrtle, meanwhile, and Bryan is heartbroken. Elgin, Jed and Mrs Cakeworthy recognise the signs – Bryan is singing to the cows. They decide to try and help and sign Bryan up to an online dating agency – – packed with "beautiful, charismatic, vivacious and desperate women." He soon turns out to be an instant hit with Steamy Stella.

Later, on arrival in Bournemouth, Dora is furious that Marlene has brought Boycie with her, as she was hoping for a weekend with just her daughter and grandson. While Marlene cooks up a storm in the kitchen, Dora soon cooks up a plan to get rid of Boycie.

John Challis plays Boycie, Jack Doolan plays Tyler, June Whitfield plays Dora, Sue Holderness plays Marlene, David Ross plays Elgin, Peter Hepplethwaite plays Jed, Ella Kenion plays Mrs Cakeworthy and Ivan Kaye plays Bryan.