Friday, October 5, 2007


UK / ITV 1 Network / Monday 8 October 2007 @ 9.00pm

This entertaining, Martin Clunes led, series continues, there is a new family in Portwenn who are causing an unwelcome distruption to Doc Martin and the other villagers. Guest starring Karl Theobald, Amy Marston.

A family of city slickers seeking a new life by the sea look set to disrupt the tranquillity of Portwenn.

Anthony (Karl Theobald) and Terri Oakwood (Amy Marston) and their son Sam (James Cronin) move in next door to Louisa Glasson (Caroline Catz) having bought their house from recently widowed Mrs Averill. The family is somewhat unconventional in their lifestyle and their arrival upsets Louisa, Martin (Martin Clunes) and the other locals.

They manage to gatecrash an intimate dinner Louisa has prepared for her and Martin. With their romantic dinner plans ruined, the disgruntled doctor decides to make a hasty exit leaving Louisa to deal with the neighbours from hell.

During the move from her old house, Mrs Averill (Eileen Essell) has lost her cat. She’s lonely without her pet. Desperate for company, she is reluctant to leave the surgery when she goes to see the doctor suffering from a rash. Thinking she is suffering from eczema, Doc Martin sends her away with ointment and very little sympathy.

When a student faints at school, Louisa is worried that he might have measles. Although Martin diagnoses Slapped Cheek, he and Louisa begin an argument about the MMR vaccine. Their argument is broken by the sound of the school bell, but tension between the two remains.

A car vandal is on the loose in Portwenn. Cars belonging to the doctor, his Aunt Joan (Stephanie Cole) and Bert Large (Ian McNeice) have all been damaged. The doctor reports the vandalism to PC Penhale, but he seems strangely reluctant to investigate. He has to confess he is suffering from agrophobia and can’t leave the police station.

Martin catches the culprit red-handed scratching another car, and chases him through the village back to his home. The vandal is Sam Oakwood. Martin confronts the Oakwoods about their son’s behaviour, but they are unmoved.

Meanwhile, Mrs Averill still can’t find her cat, her rash hasn’t cleared up, and to make matters worse she starts coughing up blood. Doc Martin has a suspicion that Mrs Averill may have lung cancer, but following tests discovers she has tuberculosis.

At first, Martin is baffled as to where she might have caught the disease, but when young Sam Oakwood also becomes ill, Martin uncovers the truth. The source of the tuberculosis has been sleeping in Sam’s bedroom all along…