Monday, October 8, 2007


In the early 1990's there was really only one show worth watching, the mysterious, compelling, beguiling and impenetrable walk through the mind of David Lynch that was Twin Peaks. Paramoount have just released its second season (available in two separate box sets) and its just as hard to fathom out now as it was back then. Ostensibly the series follows FBI agent Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) who is in Twin Peaks ( a small town near the Canadian border) to investigate the murder of 17 year old home coming queen Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). Cooper stirs up a real hornets nest of sex and eccentricities, seemingly everyone in the town is a potential suspect or implicated in some way although its no real; surprise when the killer is revealed midway through this second season.

Resolutely non linear, flashbacks are plentiful and the narrative is quite often deliberately obfuscating, which of course is something of a trait of the vague Lynch. Its also extremely quirky with notorious touches such as the log lady (a log carrying lady who appears in most episodes) and Coopers tape recorded reports to his unseen secretary.

The ending of the show also veers straight off the map with Cooper being drawn to the Black Lodge, a place seemingly outside of reality where he is able to meet dead people as well as his own soul and also confront his nemesis, his former partner Windom Earle who has gone insane and begun a killing spree.

Hard to classify and a show that keeps you watching every minute its on Twin Peaks has lost none of its power and still stands up very strongly today.

Distributor: Paramount Home Entertainment
Certificate: M | region 4 | 2 x 3 disc box sets available to buy separately
Extras: No

Kyle MacLachlan, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joan Chen, Madchen Amick, Ray Wise, Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn