Wednesday, October 31, 2007

THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES - Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane

The start of another excellent two part story on BBC1 Monday 5 November @ 5.00pm, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane. In this fourth tale (broadcast as usual over the course of two episodes) Sarah Jane mysteriously disappears – just as a huge meteor threatens to crash straight into Earth. When Maria wakes up one morning it's as though Sarah Jane – and Luke – never existed. Living across the road in Sarah Jane's house is a woman called Andrea. And, with the attic empty and Mr Smith nowhere to be seen, every other trace of Sarah Jane has vanished – and Maria is the only one able to remember her.

With the mysterious, hooded figure of the Trickster haunting Bannerman Road and the alien Graske meddling in time, Maria sets out to discover whatever happened to Sarah Jane. But as her journey takes her back to 1964, will she be able to find Sarah Jane in time to stop the meteor from destroying the world?

Sarah Jane Smith is played by Elisabeth Sladen, Maria Jackson by Yasmin Paige, Luke Smith by Thomas Knight and Clyde by Daniel Anthony. Jane Asher guest stars as Andrea Watson.