Friday, October 5, 2007


It's the final episode of this series that hopes to make a difference, eight British business leaders, with a combined fortune of over £600 million, have been living in a remote farming community in southern Uganda at the request of aid agency World Vision. They've accepted a challenge to develop innovative ways to tackle poverty in the area. And to help get their ideas off the ground, they have each donated £15,000 to a joint fund. In this final episode, the entrepreneurs are about to head home after three weeks of hard work. So far they've built a potentially money-spinning hotel to encourage tourists to this remote region, installed electricity in the local maternity ward, and set up water schemes for school children. To the last, they're still trying to find ways to help the villagers make money. Two members of the group, Pepita Diamand and Yvonne Thompson, hit on another big idea to help local women turn their hobby into a business.

The others get busy filming an advert they can broadcast back in the UK to attract tourists to their hotel. Meanwhile, Shahid Azeem makes an emergency dash to hospital to help save a pregnant mother and her unborn baby. When it's time to say goodbye to the village, these usually hard-headed business leaders are reduced to tears. But their departure isn't the end of the story. Three months after leaving Uganda, the entrepreneurs return to check up on their projects. Will they have succeeded in changing lives for ever, or will their mission turn out to have been a total failure?

Director: James Bainbridge / Series Producer: Tamara Abood / Executive Producer: Tanya Shaw