Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Channel 4 / coming soon

Inspired by Lord Clark’s landmark TV series, Civilisation, this new four-part series follows artist and critic Matthew Collings as he makes a personal selection of the greatest artistic moments and monuments of history – from the ancient Greeks to modern times – to examine how they have shaped our world.

Collings embarks on an epic journey, to stunning locations across Europe, Egypt, China and the United States, to explore the changing and often complicated ways in which cultures of the past have shaped our civilisation. In doing so, he offers a unique perspective on today’s social and political issues.

Programme One looks at the classical past and the influence that religion has played in all aspects of art. Programme Two explores the changing ways that artists have expressed human emotions through their canvases and creations. The penultimate film examines the impact of the Industrial Revolution on ideas about art, nature and society; while the series concludes with the story of modernism – bringing civilisation through to the present day.